• The New Hyundai ix35 2015 Will be Launched in India

    The New Hyundai ix35 2015 Will be Launched in India

    Indian Hyundai ix35 2015 has a very good security level of five star ratings proven in the crash test which is...
  • A Very Suitable Family Car Size of 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

    A Very Suitable Family Car Size of 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

    If you are looking for a comfort tiny family car in this New Year, 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage is the answer...
  • Toyota RAV4 2015: All the Perks and Benefits Offered

    Toyota RAV4 2015: All the Perks and Benefits Offered

    Who says you always need to spend a lot of money to get a functional and reliable ride? With Toyota...
  • New Changes from 2015 Ford F-150

    New Changes from 2015 Ford F-150

    There is no doubt that 2015 Ford F-150 is a perfect example of manly and masculine ride that is able...

Bugatti Veyron Cars Review, Features and Performance

Bugatti Veyron Cars

Bugatti Veyron Cars

Bugatti Veyron cars are a perfect combination of engine, exterior and interior that can be done. This car has a length of 4.47m and a sleek design that will support high-powered performance when driving on the highway. Bugatti Veyron cars exterior has thick proportion, balance and structure of the surface which gives the impression of pure lines. Bugatti Veyron cars is one of the super sports car which has a distinctive style classic, but this car will deliver retro style that has undergone a redesign to make it look more trendy. Every detail of this car offers a two-tone color scheme and a classic car has a design that is in harmony with the classic paint Veyron linking state-of-the-art. The exterior of the car comes with a classic look, the large radiator grill is decorated with the emblem Bugatti and aerodynamic shape that will make it look more stylish. The rear of the car has a width of 1.99m, features a formidable retractable spoiler and fender are designed perfectly to meet the main goal of the new Bugatti Veyron cars. This car is equipped with the same launch control technology with Formula 1, it is intended that the acceleration this car reach maximum traction force from first to sevent gear which generates speeds of up to 400km/h. Acceleration is electronically controlled car that takes the position of a stop outside the 400km/h with a time of one minute.

Steering wheel of Bugatti Veyron cars coated with high quality leather and has the EB logo, the logo is an acronym from the founder of the Bugatti that Ettore Bugatti. Other than that, Bugatti Veyron cars interior has seats filled by using napa leather and other interior parts coated with carbon fiber. This car is also equipped with several advanced features in the interior such as automatic climate control, air quality control, 2.7-inch screen, reverse camera and parking sensors that will be able to provide more driving comfort for the driver. Bumper which used to be performed perfectly with the exterior design that has a dual tone, the driver will get optimum visibility with the window applied to the front and rear. 20 inch alloy wheels will give a striking appearance and design of the open top version of the grand sport of this car has changed. Bugatti Veyron cars design on the exterior is equipped with tinted polycarbonate roof, windscreen higher and stylish lamps on the front. Bugatty Veyron cars equipped with entertainment features such as audio system called “Pucunni”, this system has a digital signal processor that can be connected to different external devices. GPS systems these findings also apply to this car that will allow drivers to reach the goal with the right. Not only that, the climate control system will be able to identify the car roof open or closed and adjust the temperature at a certain level for a certain situation. Bugatti Veyron cars with safety features have a console compartment between the seat and the glove that can be locked remotely, the car is also has a telemetry system which is integrated into the air scoop.

Reference : lixcars

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Dodge Barracuda 2016 Review, Release Date and Features

Specification engine, interior, exterior, engine used has undergone some significant changes that will provide better performance and all is revealed in this Dodge Barracuda 2016 review.

Dodge Barracuda 2016 review came with the old platform and the re-design concept that is meant to be better than previous models. There are some specifications about the engine used, but based on references obtained this car will not contain HEMI engine even though it contains the old concept practical. Information from 2016 Dodge Barracuda engine

Dodge Barracuda 2016 review with green exterior color

Dodge Barracuda 2016 review with green exterior color

used is still no clear information, supercharging V8 engines will be a picture that will be applied and will produce 300-600 horsepower speed. The perfect combination on the exterior, interior, engine and design can be done will provide a perfect acceleration when you use speeding down the highway. Other than that, this car has an innovative character that will make the car look aggressive. On the front exterior of the car is equipped with a large grille stand out that have larger top and bottom small. Not only that, the car is paired with fog lights that match the grille that can be done to the front of the car. 22-inch wheels, the latest LED technology and chrome exhaust pipes are a few examples of Dodge Barracuda 2016 review offered to provide optimum performance of the car. 2016 Dodge Barracuda appearance as a muscle car that has rivals like the Chevrolet Camaro ZL-1, but this car will be slightly superior to the rival with some specifications that can be done. A fantastic result offered by this car is a combination of modern technology and some other factors that are intended to provide a sense of comfort for driver. Read also, Hyundai ix35 2015

The redesigned car is more refined in order to give a different impression than the previous model, it is also intended that the car more acceleration and optimal performance. The new 2016 Dodge Barracuda model will easily recognizable by most people and experienced many changes. The car body is mostly made of carbon dioxide, aluminum and other some light material that aims to make fuel-efficient is a Dodge Barracuda 2016 review. The material used in the body will make the car lighter 250 pounds and 2016 Dodge Barracuda exterior appear slimmer than the previous model. Not only that, this car is also has a lower draft is intended to provide a stable acceleration when driving fast on the highway. Exterior and engines used must have had advanced technology features in the interior of the car. The new infotainment systems, climate control, Bluetooth, USB connectivity, a new audio system are a few examples of the features implemented in interior this car and it is a Dodge Barracuda 2016 review. Not only that, the car is also equipped with the latest safety and security features to provide comfort to the driver or passenger cars. This car comes with several trim model and it will make the difference in prices offered by different specifications can be done. Clear information on the release date of 2016 Dodge Barracuda has not been established and will be able to release any time in 2016. The price range of USD $60,000 to $70,000 are estimates offered this car, but it is also adapted to the model selection that you specify.

Reference : 2016 Dodge Barracuda

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A Very Suitable Family Car Size of 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

If you are looking for a comfort tiny family car in this New Year, 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage is the answer. By its small and simple design of the exteriors, the car is very suitable for having trips with beloved family or even friends. However, in such small body of the car, the safety of the passengers is guaranteed. In fact, this small car could bring four adult passengers at once. The car is also completed with the automatic climate control that helps you aware of the extreme dangerous climate of an area. Seven airbags are also available in this tiny car.

In fact, the producers offer two trim levels covered by the car. They are DE and ES trim levels. The DE trim has a four-speaker with 140-watt AM/FM/CD stereo system. It is even perfect with the iPod/USB connectivity. Then, the ES has some additional facilities. Bluetooth connectivity is available in this level of trim. The two levels of trims are created to complete your need of a family car.

A Very Suitable Family Car Size of 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage

Tiny Size of a Family Car

At a glance, everyone knows that this car is so tiny for a family car with five seats with the drivers. The measurement of the length of the body is about 148.8 inches, while the height is 59.1 inches. Finally, the car is 65.6 inches wide. Although the size is small enough, the cargo is still provided in fit capacity of eight cubic inches. It includes a tray and a net in the trunk. The producers want the car to be similar to a teardrop, completed with the five-door hatchback’s roof and also the upper body which is narrowing slightly in the back. The interiors of the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage are designed from hard plastic. Luxurious impression is successfully created by the black cloth of the seats. The car also has small console which includes two cupholders and also a small tray. In conclusion, the tiny and small body of the Mirage does not mean the limited facilities inside. Even, the safety of this car is claimed as good.

Fuel Economy Family Car

This tiny car has a powerful sensation of fuel economy. In fact, it is categorized as the most fuel-efficient gasoline car on the market this year. This highest fuel-efficiency rank is among the hybrid and a plug-in car. This potency comes from the three-cylinder motor engine that the Mirage has. Such three-cylinder prioritizes efficiency than the power. It brilliantly produces only 74 horsepower and 74 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the car has an optional facility related to this ability. The continuously variable transmission (CVT) gives impressive providing of fuel economy which is 37 mpg in the city, 44 mpg on the highway and 40 mpg combined.

Such tiny size with the limited power is in fact a dream car for many people. The design of the car is just suitable for having nice comfortable and safe trip with family in holiday. The quality time with family will not be useless. Surprisingly, such great favorite car only costs $12,995 which will be releases in 2015. If you are interesting in this car, there are eight colors available, including infrared, sapphire blue, kiwi green, plasma purple, mystic black.

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New Changes from 2015 Ford F-150

There is no doubt that 2015 Ford F-150 is a perfect example of manly and masculine ride that is able to do almost everything. It is able to accommodate passengers as well as cargo with ease; not to mention that its towing ability is unbelievable. And you may like the news about the upcoming 2015 Ford F-150 variant about some improvements and developments that will make the ride even more reliable and amazing in design and handle. There is significant weight cut that won’t affect the performance and quality of the driving, which is good when you want to use the ride more on urban setting.

Several Changes and Tweaks for the New Ride

As it was mentioned before, the 13th generation of 2015 Ford F-150 will be getting loads of improvements and changes, which are of course designed and aimed for the sake of comfort as well as design. From the outer shell, you may see that there is nothing much being changed, but if you know the variant by hearts and you are willing to do detailed inspection, you should see that there are significant changes happening to the outer shells.

Aside from the make-up transformation, be prepared to deal with the new weight arrangement as well as engine department. Powerful V6 engine is still in use, but the 3.5 liter capacity is used instead of the previous 3.7 liter one. Besides the new 3.5 liter V6, you can still enjoy the reliable V8 engine as well as EcoBoost engine with 3.5 liter capacity.

Of course, the reduction of weight will make the ride look slimmer and leaner; nevertheless, it won’t affect the solid stance and structure of the masculine truck itself. On the contrary, the weight cut off will affect the handle and control of the ride. Whereas the previous one managed to deliver perfect and easy handling, the new one is believed (and claimed) to deliver even better and better control. When you are driving this huge truck around, the control is unbelievably easy. There is no need to freak over difficult corners or rough terrain, because the ride has managed to deal with everything on its own.

It is a good thing that 2015 Ford F-150 has thought about reducing the weight without compromising functionality and usage, especially when it comes to cargo load and towing power. They have promised that for years, but it seems that they finally found the right technology with the right manner to do it well and properly. As it was said before, the new F-150 will be slimmer and yet still solid and sturdy as if the initial weight has never been cut off.

New Changes from 2015 Ford F-150

Promising Features of the New F-150

So, what new about the 2015 variant, anyway? Well, for a starter, this ride comes with fully improved features, including the exterior, machine, and comfort elements in the interior cabin. The exterior look has this subtle change with stylish rounds and strong lines to stress out the powerful and masculine side of the F-150. The previous F-150s have always been known for their sophistication and perfection, but you can expect more from the new ride. Sure, you can expect flaws or downsides when talking about all the best goodies, but rest assured that the positive sides are exceeding the flaws.

Here is some of the basic information about the new F-150, like:

  • The basic design is a regular pickup cab truck
  • It comes with quite nice fuel economy system of 18 mpg for the city and 25 mpg for the highway
  • Engine arrangement looks good and promising with automatic shiftable six speed transmission and rear wheel driving system, for the basic model

However, keep in mind that the basic model is pretty standard, so you can’t really expect getting heated seats, Bluetooth connection, or navigation system.

Some of the powerful keys about this ride is available with satisfying performance, such as nice fuel economy system, powerful engine (not to mention that you are given various options from the V8 and the V6 engine), added features to improve comfort and convenience, and also new addition for the new technologies. It is also a good thing that this ride is coming with new aluminum body, but it may also affect the easiness of repair. In case you have to get the body panels repaired, it may take longer time than the usual because most repair shops aren’t used to dealing with aluminum – whether it is good or not depends on how you perceive things and look at it from different point of views. Another flaw is the fact that the new ride may be stiffer when compared to other products.

New Changes from 2015 Ford F-150 (!)

Other Competitors

With all the good stuffs packed within this truck, it is probably hard to see that there are other trucks with the same reliability and performance. Ram 1500 provides quiet interior, smooth and clean ride, and it also comes with diesel engine, but F-150 is able to deliver more than those features. Silverado 1500 from Chevy is promising as well, but this new redesigned truck from 2015 Ford F-150 will be able to satisfy your every need when it comes to a ride that has it all: style, power, and agility.

Driving Experience and Feel

Based on several reviews about this 2015 type, the slimmer F-150 is certainly feeling different. There is no more buff or heavy struggle with the truck anymore because you can only feel better agility and lighter feel. In fact, you will feel as if you were driving a sedan or SUV, instead of a truck. The acceleration is nice and smooth; with solid brake that somewhat feels safe and strong.

Quality of the ride is a bit stiffer or firmer than the previous one, but it may be caused by the combination of new material for the body kit as well as the lightweight system. Since the car tries to expand the flexibility and balance between fully loaded and empty cargo compartment, 2015 Ford F-150 Raptor has made this ride a bit bouncy when it is empty. Of course it isn’t weird or annoying; you just need adjusting.

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GM Recalls 473,673 Vehicles Globally for Various Issues

Quicker today, GM introduced just a recall defending negative Takata-sourced airbags at the 2013-2014 Chevrolet Cruze sedans. In fact, about three extra honors have been released, influencing 473,673 GM cars internationally.

2014-2015 GM Full-Size Trucks/SUVs

An Problem: Transfer case limit portions employed in 2014-2015 Chevrolet Silverado even GMC Sierra trucks, 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe and also Suburban, along with 2015 GMC Yukon & Yukon XL SUVs could electronically move for you to organic on it’s own. Should that arrives after remaining, both auto could drumbeat apart.

An Fix: GM might inform drivers, & people would recalibrate an exchange event limit portion method loose.

Several Cars Actually Affected: 392,459 full-size U.S. GM trucks and SUVs will suffer, at the time of any other 53,607 employed in Switzerland as well as 20,874 bought from U.S. and in some cases Canada. The problem applies only to four-wheel-drive varieties.

2013-2014 Chevrolet Caprice, Dure

A Problem: A motor hardware jaws in the windshield wiper construction of the 2014 Chevrolet Dure also fleet-only Chevrolet Caprice may become stripped, perhaps manifestation the wipers useless.

this person Fix: GM are certain to contact entrepreneurs, and in some cases retailers can scrutinize and also replace wiper element gadgets after essential.

Range of Vehicles Probably Affected: 4794 model-year 2013-2014 Chevrolet Caprice specialists motor vehicles and also 2014 Chevrolet S s sedans will suffer.

2014 Chevrolet Corvette

Both Problem: Sure Corvettes with the FE1 or FE3 suspension have limited welds at the lumbar bumps, that could lead to a break along with relieve her or his support daily life.

An Fix: Affected Corvette marketers will be knowledgeable too dealers might change a corner bumps for free.

Range of Cars Possibly Affected: 1939 model-year 2014 Chevrolet Corvettes at the U.S. with an FE1 or FE3 suspension choice along with 33 gadgets in Switzerland as well as 82 away from U.S. & Canada are affected.

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The New Hyundai ix35 2015 Will be Launched in India

Indian Hyundai ix35 2015 has a very good security level of five star ratings proven in the crash test which is hold by C-NCAP (China New Car Assessment Program). The car is excellent in side impact, overlap front crash and whiplash. Brilliantly, the vehicle has completed the version of Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. Different with the EcoSport which has sub-4 meters model, this new Hyundai is beautifully covered by the body in the measure of 4270 mm x 2590 mm. Respectively, the width of the car is 1780 mm, white its height is 1630 mm.

The appearance of the car is similar to the Elite i20, since both are coming from the same platform. The back headlight cluster which is very beautifully powered by LED daytime running lights together with the projector headlamps. The company’s logo is brightly put in the center of the large hexagonal shaped radiator frame. The producers expect the car to have conventional steel wheels with full wheel caps. Finally, the overall appearance of this new coming car is very attractive sparking a new trend.

The New Hyundai ix35 2015 Will be Launched in India

Interior of the Indian New Hyundai ix25

About the interior, the car has five seats with all nice facilities. For the driver, the seat height is freely set. In fact, such feature is common for the SUV car model. The standard folding capacity of seats which is 60:40 split could give more spaces for the storage capacity. Then, the color of the interior is chosen beautifully in beige and black color scheme with aluminium in some parts. However, the blue interior illumination is also inserted. Except the nice seats and position, the car is also completed with AC, music system, and also instrument panel. The inside rear view mirror which is very modern with day and night effect guarantee the comfort of the passengers. A one touch operation can operate all the four power windows of the car, and it is adjustable outside electrically.

Engine and Specification of the Car

The power-trains of the Verna is applied well by the car. It is exactly 1.6/1.4 CRDI and 1.6 VTVT. It is very good that the Indian Hyundai ix35 2015 share the engine options with the Verna sedan. About the transmission, some options are provided, six-speed manual and also six-speed auto. It means that the car will have approximately 1.4-litre and 1.6-litre petrol which gives high ability in producing power and fuel economy. For the flagship variants, the 4WD option is provided. In the case of its power, the car is equipped with a 1396cc engine and 4-cylinders. Such engine could gain power of 105.5bhp and 135Nm of torque. However, the diesel variants of the car can have 1582cc mill which can gain the power of 126.2bhp.The New Hyundai ix35 2015 Will be Launched in India1

The normal price of this car is £12,000 – £20,000. In fact, it has already on sale in China with the price of 119,800 RMB. In India, the same price is around 12 Lakhs. However, for the special first launch in India, you can get the car by only 8 Lakhs. This Indian Hyundai ix35 2015 is released in the end of the year of 2015.

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Toyota RAV4 2015: All the Perks and Benefits Offered

Who says you always need to spend a lot of money to get a functional and reliable ride? With Toyota RAV4 2015, you can get all the beneficial features without having to worry about breaking the bank. By spending only $24,000 for the basic trim, you can get the standard features but totally functional and handy. If you want more additions, you may have to spend extra, but it won’t be more than $30,000 for the premium trim with top notch features. This SUV is good as a family ride, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t suitable for all those singles out there.

Sure, the ride may not be 100% perfect, but you can expect more than 90% perfection from it. The most advancing and stand out feature is the safety, while interior cabin and performance are following. Too bad this year’s variant comes with the same engine performance and arrangement as the previous year, but you can expect some improvement and advancement – although it may not be major or grandeur.

Some auto enthusiasts claim that the standard features are totally helpful and really improve the quality of comfort. The best thing about this ride is the spacious interior cabin with impressive cargo compartment. One of RAV4’s strength is the flexibility of usage. You can use it as a family ride as well as a car for professional singles who makes their car their traveling second house. You can use it to tag along lots of cargo as well as passengers. Toyota RAV4 2015 can accommodate 5 adult passengers, but it may be a bit stuffy when you tag along more than 5. You can also use it as urban means of transportation because of its compact size, and yet it is solid and tough enough for rough and harsh terrain – although it is not designed as an off ride. It is a definite thing that flexibility is the key factor of this ride.

Despite some of the improvements made to this new variant, engine option is quite limited – in fact, you can’t expect any update, because there is none. Interior cabin is quite comfortable and nice, although Toyota RAV4 2015 can improve their quality of material for the cabin. There are still some cheap materials found inside the cabin, which is not a big thing, actually, but can be a fussy thing for those fussy buyers.

Toyota RAV4 2015- All the Perks and Benefits Offered1

Achievements and Awards

Because of the handy features and quite decent styling, this ride gets 16th position ranks from 24 most affordable compact SUV list. The rank is given based on different elements of assessment, like safety, reliability, test drive, and also reviews. Aside from the mentioned rank, it is also ranked as the 27th in the list of affordable crossover SUV, which is not bad for such new variant and production.

Sure, the new 2015 variant may not offer much in the powerful engine department – unlike other rival producers – but you can really count on the provided features as well as the interior cabin. It has the nice blend of solid structure with stylish corner and lines, reliable performance topped off with loads of safety features, nice and decent fuel economy system, and also great comfort and easy handle.

Options for Trim Levels

The new Toyota RAV4 2015 comes with three different trimming levels of XLE, LE, and Limited as the Premium package. Standard features are offered in LE package, with auto headlights, rear privacy glass, AC, power folding mirrors, cruise control, keyless entry, steering wheel with tilt and telescope adjustment, rearview camera, and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also get sound system with six speaker arrangement, CD player, 6.1” display screen with touchscreen ability, and also audio interface for USB or iPod.

Toyota RAV4 2015- All the Perks and Benefits Offered

More improved features are found on the higher level of XLE. Aside from the basic features, you can enjoy additional features like the fog lights, roof rails, auto dual zone climate control, a cargo cover, sporty front seat, and also sun visor with extendable feature. The audio system gets sophisticated improvement covering HD radio, satellite radio, and also weather and traffic control. Side mirrors are heated with turn signals integrated into them – not to mention that a sunroof will be included within the package.

The Limited package comes with above-the-standard features and additional perks, like navigation system, power liftgate with height adjustable system, and also Entune smartphone integration from Toyota RAV4 2015 – although the setup is rather tricky and complicated. Don’t expect to be able to install it on your own and spend only an hour to complete everything. If you have extra budgets, it is better to take it to the professional and specialist.

There are also other perks to enjoy from the Limited package, such as:

  • Keyless entry with ignition
  • 18” alloy wheels
  • Steering wheel with leather wrapped style
  • Rearview mirror with auto dimming ability
  • Smart driver seat with powered adjusted system in eight way model and also memory setting
  • Synthetic leather upholstery
  • Heated front seat
  • Blind spot technology with cross traffic rear alerts
  • Auto high beam
  • Lane departure and driving warning system
  • Sound system with 11 speakers

If you are willing to spend more money, you can choose the Premium Blizzard Pearl package, where you can get Blizzard Pearl cover along with black accents for improved style.

Interior Cabin

As it was mentioned before, one of the key strengths of Toyota RAV4 2015 is the spacious interior cabin. The backseat comes with low mount arrangement, but still….you can expect roomy seating arrangement – even for taller people. The recline adjustment of the seats are totally comfy and handy. It really improves the comfort, although it may seem unimportant. The second row comes with foldable ability, so you can enjoy the huge space for the cargo. The standard space is around 38.4 cubic feet, but when the second row is folded, it can reach 73.3 cubes in total. The liftagate with height adjustment system as well as power operated feature are good for comfort, although it may not be totally grandeur in overall style and design.

RAV4 is running on four cylinder engine with 2.5 liter capacity with total 176 hp of power. It is not overly speedy, but when it is paired up with front wheel driving system and auto six speed transmission, the ride is smooth, easy to control, and totally comfy.

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